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Meet Annarose

A New York native who has trained thousands of dogs around the country and channels her lifelong passion for animals into helping all dogs and people live for a Higher Purpose. 

Graduated with honors from an elite dog training program

Certified to train obedience, agility, scent detection  and more

Vesper's owner says

"Annarose's passion and amazing communication helped me build a great relationship with my dog."

" Higher Purpose Canines exists to help dogs understand and live out their purposes and to help humans learn about and advocate for what dogs truly need "

Annarose Wilson, Owner &  Head Trainer

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Annarose was born
loving animals.

She started a dog-walking and pet-sitting business when she was just twelve years old. After researching many different career options in the animal field during high school, she was continually drawn to dog training. She was deeply intrigued and impressed by what dogs are capable of. She decided to dedicate her life to helping each dog live out its full potential.


She relocated to Missouri to attend one of the most prestigious dog training schools in the country, where she completed the intensive professional and master programs, graduating with honors in May 2016.


Annarose is certified in basic, advanced, and competition obedience as well as agility, scent detection and tracking. She is also qualified to train hunting dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and protection dogs.


Annarose continued to build her expertise by working as a member of the staff at The Tom Rose School, then at a boarding and training company in Illinois, and with a specialist in training hunting dogs in Missouri.

In January 2018 Annarose came back to New York and started Higher Purpose Canines.

Annarose is skilled at evaluating your dog's temperament, behaviors, breed traits, and their relationship with you and will tailor training to fit your needs.

Annarose is always advancing her knowledge of dogs and training and is passionate about helping people and their dogs pursue their higher purposes.


On a Personal Note...

Annarose is married to Caleb Wilson, a golf pro in the MET section, and they have four dogs: Inara, Drogo, Siren, and Kenna (from the left) and a cat, Iniku.

Annarose and Caleb are both passionate about living out their purpose on this earth and helping other people and animals to live out theirs.


Their Purpose

love God and love others in everything they do.


Mark 12:30-31                        1 Corinthians 10:31

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