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Penny & Riley

Cavapoo & Shorkie

 " I thought I was an experienced dog owner but what Annarose taught us made a big difference with our dogs even on the first day! She is great to work with, I highly recommend Annarose! "



Labrador Retriever

"Annarose has done wonders with Bear! We are really enjoying life with him. We can't thank Annarose enough!"



Dachshund/Lab Mix

"I cannot say enough about Annarose. I learned that most of us have misconceptions about our animals. To have it explained and see the results has been life-changing."

Bring peace to your home and improve your dog's wellbeing with

Our team uses impeccable timing, effective motivation, and unwavering

consistency to bring clarity of purpose for you and your dog. 

The same species that won't stop barking, pulling on leash, pottying in the house, chewing on shoes, jumping on guests, or bolting out the front door is the same species that leads the blind, detects cancer and bombs, rescues people, protects people, and takes down criminals. The thing that determines which of these behaviors a dog exhibits is purpose.


You and your dog are capable. Every dog can live out their Higher Purpose.

Not every dog is meant to be a service animal but every dog IS capable of more than you might think and every dog needs and wants to know their purpose.

Two of the best ways to give your dog a purpose are: non-negotiable obedience and consistent boundaries. Obedience and boundaries provide structure, structure provides clarity, and clarity brings many benefits. When dogs have clarity about their purpose, their state of mind shifts; they are less anxious, less likely to exhibit nuisance behaviors, more affectionate, safer, happier, and calmer.

Higher Purpose Canines is a dog training company that helps dogs understand and live out their purposes and helps humans learn and provide what dogs truly need. 

- Annarose Wilson, Owner/Head Trainer

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