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German Shepherd

"Annarose was the best with my German Shepherd! Super patient and easy to reach. She even brought her own dogs to sessions to help socialize my dog. She also trains owners well too."



Golden Retriever

"Annarose is extremely professional and competent. She's certified through education and training. Annarose connects with the dog in an amazing manner and teaches owners how to do the same. We got twice the desired results in less time. I now have that dog that people comment, 'I'd love to get a dog if I knew they'd be as well behaved as yours! Thank you Annarose!"



French Bulldog/Boston Terrier

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Annarose completely changed the dynamics of our home. In a 4-dog home, we were extremely challenged with Logan’s fear behaviors that affected all the dogs in our home. We weren’t equipped to handle this on our own. Annarose gave us clear information about Logan’s conduct and the training we needed to get his behaviors under control. Annarose is patient (with Logan & us!!), dedicated, and a pleasure to work with.



Golden Retriever

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Annarose! We started training with Annarose when Rocky turned 6 months and we immediately saw improvement on a number of levels and commands. Annarose is also super easy to work with and makes the whole process feel like we’re working together on the same team. We will definitely continue to work with her as Rocky moves from puppy to adolescent to adult.



Yellow Labrador Retriever

We started working with Annarose one week after we brought Bear home when he was 2 months old. It was a great decision. Bear is a wonderful dog and we attribute that to both Bear's training and ours. We can take Bear with us anywhere (visiting friends, outdoor restaurants, crowded areas and places where other dogs are present) and have confidence that we will be able to relax and enjoy ourselves with him. We have another older dog and they are very close and respectful of each other. Bear keeps Jack young and pushes the boundaries some, but, based on his training, respects the hierarchy of the house. Annarose is an excellent teacher and communicator and provides strategies and explanations for the approaches that she uses to develop good dog behavior. Our experience has been very positive. Her ability to help us understand the final result of our training activity helped us to stay with the approach and understand what we are trying to get done. She also has high expectations of Bear's capability to achieve and because of that we did more than we thought we needed to do or could do. The concept was that if we worked at a desired behavior and were consistent and practiced, practiced, practiced, Bear would remember the right action and behave properly. An example of that was to teach him to respect the threshold of the front door when people are entering and not rush the door and overreact to the event. This helped with our other dog too. One of the tools that Annarose taught us how to use is the "climb command" which is a go to spot (elevated cot) to put Bear on. For us, the climb has multiple very relevant uses. It gives him a clear understanding of what's expected of him for a period of time when we need him to not be underfoot or when we need to break up or stop a chaotic environment. An instance of this might be when company all arrive at the same time, or when we are getting something delivered, or work done in the house. We put him on the climb and once he is on it, he WILL stay there indefinitely until we release him. It is a very calm place for him as illustrated by the fact that he almost always puts his head down and rests until he is released despite whatever else is going on around him. We release him from the climb and from other commands (sit, stay, down etc.) by using one word "free" which helps us and him in our continued training with a consistent approach. At the end of the day, we have a wonderful family pet. We are very grateful for him and for the help that Annarose provided in training him and us. Bear is a great dog and we expect, as he continues to grow, he will continue to get better and we will continue to enjoy being dog owners.

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German Shepherd

My dog has always loved me. Now, thanks to Annarose, she loves and respects me. Annarose gives you the option of using the Ecollar which is a highly efficient and benign tool. It has helped me immensely. Annarose+Ecollar+ consistency = perfect puppy

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Black Labrador Retriever

Stella is a very energetic young female Labrador retriever. She has some very good qualities. She is friendly and playful, she loves people and other dogs. But it was difficult to walk her especially as she got bigger. Also she jumped on everyone who walked in my house. I contacted Annarose at Higher Purpose Canines and she evaluated Stella. Stella went to Higher Purpose for 5 days for training and when she came back, I was totally amazed at how well she knew all her commands. Now the hard part, Annarose had to train me. I totally enjoyed working with her, she was very patient and encouraging. I texted her many of my concerns with Stella and she always had good practical solutions that worked. Two of the main things I wanted from the training was to be able to take long walks with my dog and now we both enjoy the walks. Also to stop her jumping on my guests, especially my two young grandsons, now she greets them on all fours and goes and sits in her bed. A bonus is she has good recall; anytime I call her, she comes. And at the dog park, all I have to do is walk to the gate, call her name and she comes.

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Black Labrador and Mix

Annarose is a great trainer! I used her for both of my dogs. Mavro is a Black Lab, who lives up to his stubborn stereotype! “Come” was not what he wanted to do, or if he did, he did it on his terms. After Annarose worked with him and I, he realized that he should come when told to! It seemed like something he would never learn until I saw how easy Annarose made it. Then a few years later I adopted a rescue and named her Shea. I did not know Shea’s background but she was a bit “voicey” and seemed a bit aggressive with Mavro. But Annarose came and saved the day! She assured me that Shea was a good girl and very smart. Shea just needed some reassurance, guidance, and consistency. Shea is a wonderful, loving part of our family. She likes to play with Mavro, and he with her, but I know now it’s playing and nothing to be concerned about, thanks to Annarose’s expertise. I highly recommend Annarose! She really knows how to train dogs. And since I had her help out with both my dogs, “one size” does not fit all. She assesses the dog’s personality and trains according to what would be best for them, not necessarily the same training for each dog. She’s great!



Cavapoo&Golden Retriever Mix

I first hired Annarose when I adopted my first puppy. I knew nothing about puppies or how to train them. And then I adopted a 4 year old golden mix. Annarose trained us all so I could manage with the two dogs taking them for walks on and off leash as well as with home behavior. She is a great problem solver and a whisperer when it comes to dogs. I highly recommend her. She is so good, strangers come up to me asking who trained my dogs!

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Lhasa Apso Mix

Annarose has done an amazing job with my rescue, Zoey. Zoey was very anxious and extremely hard to walk. She would pull and bark at any other dog that was either in a house or that we would walk by, making it a very unpleasant experience for both of us. In the first session of working with Zoey on walks, Annarose had her not even interested in the other dogs and more concentrated on the walk. It is now such a pleasure for me and Zoey to do our daily walks. This is really only the beginning of what Annarose was able to do for both Zoey and me. Thank you, Annarose.



Mini Australian Labradoodle



Siberian Husky

Bentley has always been a good boy but grew up super spoiled and able to do whatever whenever he wants. It was overwhelming. After training I’m so happy to say that he has a better understanding of when it’s time to play and time to take it easy and it’s changed our relationship for the better! I loved working with Annarose. Super personable, patient, and didn't make me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed of the issues I was having with my pup. She was very kind and real and I felt very comfortable with her training methods. Very clear and to the point. I learned a lot just watching the way she would interact with my dog and how she was able to be in control in a positive way, without acting aggressive or getting loud. I tell Bentley to stay and I can leave the room and not have to worry about him moving until I say it’s alright for him to move. This makes it a lot easier when I need a few uninterrupted minutes to prepare his food, bed, etc. I didn’t know this was possible before working with Annarose. I think people take “obedience” too literally. Through this experience I learned that “training” is really more about socializing with our dogs and taking the time to learn each other. One thing I really loved about Annarose’s training is that it never felt like she was trying to control the dog (as if they are robots). It felt as if she was teaching and communicating with my dog, and as a result this has strengthened the trust and love in my relationship with Bentley.

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German Shepherd

Four years ago, we adopted a German Shepherd. Into our lives came Annarose. She taught my husband and me to make our dog a working and loving member of our family. Under Annarose’s training he walks with and without a leash and understands all his rules. He is respectful and loving. We are so grateful to Annarose and will recommend her highly.

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Australian Cattle Dog mix

We love Annarose! We contacted Annarose upon our vet’s recommendation. Shortly after meeting Annarose and watching her work with our new rescue dog, we understood why she came so highly recommended. Annarose is passionate and knowledgeable about dogs and dog behavior. Her training is not just about the dog but training the human as well. Many of the skills learned ( heel, climb, stay, back) are still in use a year later. I believe the best testimonial is the very happy greeting Annarose gets from our dog and her eagerness without any hesitation to jump into the back of Annarose’s truck for Board&Train.

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British Black Labrador

Annarose helped us harness the abundant energy of our 100lbs British lab, Hogan. As an owner, Annarose taught me that mental stimulation for the dog is just as important as physical training. Hogan initially learned patience and discipline by learning to stay on his “climb” until he was invited to join the fun. This was really key for us with lots of little kids running around!!! Hogan now waits at an open door rather than charging outside, he will sit and stay until given his “free” command, and overall he has a much better understanding that he needs to comply with polite commands. It really helps us keep a calm, safe and joyful environment in our home with Hogan. Annarose brings a wonderful, steady energy into her training sessions. Hogan and I both looked forward to her visits, and her patience with both of us was deeply appreciated.




Annarose was highly recommended to us for our 3-year-old male Boxer, Duke, who was in need of training specifically for leash walking/pulling issues. Annarose is highly professional, organized, effortful and an overall pleasure to work with – even providing transportation pick up and return of Duke to our home after his daily training. Duke was excited to see Annarose for each training session and his walking manners improved appreciably and rather quickly as a result of the training sessions and I am pleased to say the training has had favorable and lasting impact. With Duke’s improved walking manners, my wife is able to take him on long, daily walks with full control and without worry of being pulled when he sees other dogs. I recommend Annarose for any canine training, and you would be fortunate to have your dog in such capable hands.

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We met Annarose when we first adopted Lucy and she made such a great difference! She taught US how to be better parents to our new pup! Lucy is a well adjusted sweet dog who no longer howls and who listens to direction perfectly! When Annarose introduced the “climb” to us it really shifted Lucy’s attention and she had a safe place to go when we needed to get her attention. Thank you for helping our family, Annarose.

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Golden Retriever

Annarose worked with our 4 year old Golden retriever Barkley, addressing his issues with on-leash reactivity towards people and dogs, along with general obedience training. We always found that Barkley was a calmer, more relaxed dog after a session with Annarose! One noticeable improvement (which we appreciate to this day!) is Barkley's newfound willingness to do 'sits' and 'downs' when outside on a walk - this helps us calm him down, reduce the risk of him barking or lunging, and maintain a safe environment while out in public. Annarose was also very patient and informative when working with me and my wife in our training sessions. We learned how to effectively use an E-collar (which we still use if we're planning on taking him off-leash in a remote area), which gave us clear results and changes in his behavior. Her approach to this style of training put us at ease, made us feel Barkley wasn't being hurt, and was simply learning how to correct his own behavior. Throughout our interactions with Annarose, she was professional and responsible, and we had no problems giving her a key to our house. We appreciate all the work she did with Barkley, and are thankful for her help!



Dachshund/Lab Mix

Our 4 year old Dachshund/Lab mix, Herman, is a rescue and very anxious and high strung. We knew we needed guidance on how to stop the behaviors that were troublesome. The vet advised Prozac which he has been on for 2 years with little difference in behavoir. He had the run of the house, jumped up on furniture, very territorial with toys and went wild when anyone rang the bell or came near the house. Annarose was recommended by a colleague at work. We opted for 10 days of Board&Train . When Annarose brought Herman back to us for our training, I was amazed at how he listened to her, with the communication of the e-collar, he listened first to her command. He stayed on his climb until she released him. We have continued to follow her specific directions and it has made our lives and Herman's a calmer place. He know does not jump up on the furniture, walks outside are pleasurable and I decide when he can sniff. We are working on getting toys or objects away from him safely, he has stayed on his climb and I was able to answer the door without the craziness that used to go on. There is still much to do and we realize this is a lifelong process that is worth the time and patience you put into it. I cannot say enough about Annarose and her approach to dog training. I learned that most of us have misconceptions about our animals and to have it explained and see the results has been life changing.

Having Annarose train London beginning at 9 weeks of age was one of the best decisions I have made. It is a pleasure to have a dog who doesn’t jump on people and listens to commands. Annarose is an amazing trainer, very reliable and a pleasure to work with.

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